Trade Finance

Ichiban Capital is an FCA Approved, independent investment specialist advising clients throughout the UK and Internationally.

Trade finance includes such activities as overdrafts, issuing letters of credit, factoring, invoice discounting, export credit and bad debt insurance. Companies involved with trade finance include importers and exporters, retailers, manufactures, and export credit agencies, as well as other. Trade finance is of vital importance to the global economy, with the World Trade Organisation estimating that 80 to 90% of global trade is reliant on this method of financing.

Our Trade Finance Services

Have any doubt in choosing the suitable trade finance solutions?

Invoice Discounting

Small and Medium Business

With bank overdrafts on the decline, Invoice Discounting is now seen as one of the quickest and easiest ways to free up money without changing your credit control procedures.

The Benefits

  • Improved cash flow: you no longer have to wait up to 90 days to get paid.
  • It’s confidential – The Companies customers will never know.
  • Up to 90% of invoice value available when you bill your customers.
  • The option to combine with Bad Debt Protection to minimize the risk against failing customers.
  • Cleared funds can be in your account the day after you raise your invoice.
  • You retain control over your credit control function.
    The potential to raise even more money through our fantastic range of additional services.
  • Unlike overdrafts or loans, Invoice Discounting automatically grows as your business grows.

For companies with established accounts payable and credit-control capabilities, this is the swift, no-nonsense way to unlock the value of your invoices and boost cash flow. We’ll assist with up to 90% of the value of your client’s invoices straight away.

We’ll arrange a meeting within 48 hours of you getting in touch with us. We’ll follow this up with a visit to your client and a same-day in-principle decision and indication of finance available. We work to get your clients facility in place within 10 working days of our meeting, with funds available within 24 hours of raising an invoice.

Once the account is up and running, your client will have all the benefits the Invoice Discounting service has to offer, including the undivided attention of our experienced team.

  • Unlock the money tied up in invoices immediately, giving flexibility to grow the business.
  • Enjoy up to 90% of invoice value upfront, with the balance paid on collection.
  • The option of Bad Debt Protection to protect your business against customers failing.
  • Flexible finance that grows as the business grows, without having to renegotiate fixed limits.
  • Instant relief from debt: Factoring can provide funds in days.

Factoring allows your client to gain immediate access to your working capital as soon as they raise their invoices. With up to 90% of the invoice value provided straight away, client’s will have the funding they need to bring their business ambitions to life without having to wait the 30, 60 or even 90 days that their customers might take to pay. 
Start-up businesses with a solid business plan and forecasted first-year revenues above £250k find that factoring services can help with their cash flow and credit control from day one.

FastTrack Invoice Discounting is a great way to bypass slow-moving lenders. Thanks to the streamlined FastTrack Invoice Discounting your client can fund expansion, improve efficiency, or refinance their business. If your client has a well-run credit control function and wants to maintain full control, then Invoice Discounting is for them.

FastTrack Factoring does what it says on the tin and is simply a faster version of this highly successful Factoring service, allowing client’s to unlock the value of their invoices and boost cashflow with ease.

Firstly we’ll arrange a meeting within 48 hours, and all being well we’ll have your facility in place within 10 working days from this visit.
One visit and a same-day survey are often all it takes for an in-principle decision and indication of finance available.

We work to get your facility in place within 10 working days of our meeting with your client. Funds are available within 24 hours of raising an invoice.

L/C facilities

Small and Medium Business

Providing support to businesses of any size or complexity, Letters of Credit can help cover your trading risks by allowing protection against defaults on payments from overseas and guarantee your client’s payments abroad.

  • Your client is entering into new relationships with buyers or suppliers in emerging markets and are looking to trade safely
  • Offers exporters non-recourse finance as soon as compliant documentation is presented with a ‘term’ Letter of Credit
  • Letters of Credit often act as ‘gateways’ to a whole range of other international products and services, such as foreign exchange products and risk mitigation, where income benefits can be extensive
  • As an exporter, your client is looking for security of payment
  • As an importer, your client wish to strengthen their credit worthiness
  • Gives the reassurance of a secure, globally recognised method of settling overseas trade
  • Offers flexibility as your Letter of Credit can be match to client’s business needs and payment can be made for any amount and in any freely traded currency
  • Allows to strengthen client’s trading relationship by offering better credit terms to overseas buyers if you are exporting goods
  • Enables to negotiate improved credit terms if your client’s are importing goods, thereby improving cashflow

Export Letters of Credit are conditional payment undertakings issued by the client’s buyer’s bank on their behalf. They give certainty that your client will receive payment for the goods they are exporting providing your client’s to meet the terms of the Letter of Credit. With Letter of Credit, you will have protection against payment default by the buyer’s bank.
In addition to being a secure and fast way to receive payment, Export Letters of Credit enable more effectively manage cash flow by securing a known payment date, currency and amount

Import Letters of Credit are conditional payment undertakings issued by the bank to your client’s supplier on their behalf. They secure payment for your client’s supplier providing they meet the terms of the Letter of Credit, for example presentation of documents such as a bill of exchange, Invoice, Bill of Lading or an Airway Bill. This gives more control, which can be a particular advantage when buying from new suppliers.

Import Letters of Credit can also enhance trading status by supporting your client’s credit status. They can be valuable for negotiating terms such as a longer credit period or lower prices.

Debt insurance

Small and Medium Business

We believe one can never be too careful. After all, as an evolving business the last thing your client needs is their customer’s insolvency damaging the company’s ability to grow. That’s why with Bad Debt Protection service looking over the business your client can sleep easy at night. It works in conjunction with the Factoring or Invoice Discounting services and provides up to 100% cover on credit approved debt ensuring your client can realize their ambitions with complete confidence. 

The Benefits

  • Up to 100% protection.
  • Credit advice, helping to build a stable business
  • Good credit limits on your customers
  • Fast claim payments, with minimal paperwork
  • Competitively priced service, also available on export activities
  • Automatic pay-out on approved invoices post 120 days for factoring clients


Small and Medium Business

Life is busy and it can be easy to lose track of business spending. Agreeing an overdraft limit in advance (Known as an arranged overdraft) can give financial flexibility when your client really needs it, as emergencies occur and sometimes unexpected bills arrive.

An arranged overdraft is agreed with the bank. It allows your client to spend or take out more cash than they have in their current account. 
If your client’s request for an arranged overdraft is approved, you could have access to the money the next working day.

Staying within your limit
It's very important to make sure not to go overdrawn without having agreed an overdraft limit. Or, that your client doesn’t go over an arranged overdraft. If this happens it means you will enter what is called an Unarranged Overdraft.

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